Behaviour Hubs

The Behaviour Hubs Programme aims to improve pupil behaviour in schools by taking a whole school approach and embedding a clear, sustainable behaviour culture throughout the school. How students behave in school is strongly linked to attainment and other outcomes.

Benefits to your school accessing the Behaviour Hub Programme include:

  • Create a calm and orderly school environment where pupils are able learn without interference from others, and teachers can teach.
  • Free, bespoke support and advice for senior leaders from a Lead School or Lead MAT with exemplary behaviour culture who will help you to develop a plan to improve pupil behaviour.
  • Ongoing one-to-one support and mentoring from a Lead School, open days to observe good approaches in action, and hub networking events to share experiences and good practice.

Type of Support available

Core support: for schools that want to work more independently. This includes an action planning surgery plus follow-up support and access to the training

Extended support: for schools that want more one-to-one support, where previous changes have not had the desired impact. This includes 8-12 days of Lead school support as well as access to the training offer.

Multi-school support: for MATs that would like to implement change across several schools in the trust. This includes 5-7 days MAT-to-MAT executive support and access to the training offer.