FAQ – Appropriate Body

What is ECT?

The term Early Career Teacher (ECT) is the new name for a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT). It came into effect in September 2021.

What is the standard length of Induction?

The standard length of induction is two school years. In addition to the 10% timetable reduction that ECTs receive in their first year of induction, ECTs receive a 5% timetable reduction in the second year of induction.

What is a Mentor?

The mentor will have a key role in supporting the ECT during induction on an on-going basis and is separate to the role of the Induction Tutor.

How many Assessment Points are there?

There are two formal assessment points, one midway through induction, and one at the end of the induction period. These will be supported by regular progress reviews to monitor progress, to take place in each term where a formal assessment is not scheduled.

An ECT is leaving our school part way through their 2-year induction. What do I need to do?

The school needs to contact their Appropriate Body and inform them as soon as they are aware that the ECT is leaving. This is to prevent any delays in the ECT continuing their induction at another school as the new school will need to ‘claim’ the ECT.