I have enrolled on UCL Extend but have lost my UCL Extend Login details

If you are having difficulty locating your UCLeXtend log in credentials please follow the guidance below to log on to the platform. 

Go to https://extend.ucl.ac.uk/login/index.php.

Ensure on the login page you go to ‘Already have an account’ section.

Username = email address you shared with your hub, typically your school email address.

Password = you should have received this in an autogenerated email from UCLeXtend. 

If you cannot locate this do a password reset and repeat the above steps. 

If you still cannot access the platform please email a screenshot to the UCL team at ecf.nro@ucl.ac.uk.

Can I use my Mentors login details for UCL Extend to access resources?

UCL tracks your own engagement and access to the resources available on the UCL Extend portal. It does this through your own account. To ensure your engagement is tracked it is recommended you login to UCL Extend with your own account.

My email address is wrong on UCL Extend. How do I correct this?

Your school will need to access the DfE Portal and update any email addresses through there. These are then filtered through to UCL Extend and updated on the system.

Do I need to attend the online modules?

Yes, as part of your professional development, a requirement of your 2-year induction with your Appropriate Body, you need to demonstrate professional standards by attending the online modules.

I cannot attend an online session. What should I do?

Please inform us via ecf@teesvalleytsh.co.uk that you are unable to attend a session and we will put in place a plan for you to catch up with alternatives.

I have completed my ECF training early. Is my induction completed?

No. The ECF training and Induction are two separate things. They run alongside each other but are independent of each other. Your Induction period must be 2 full academic years.

If you feel you have completed your ECF Training early you can contact your Appropriate Body who will be able to inform you of your next steps.

My ECF training has been interrupted by health issues, maternity, supply or other factors. What should I do?

You should inform us of the circumstances around the interruption by contacting us via ecf@tessvalleytsh.co.uk. This will also pause your 2-year induction, and you will need to inform your Appropriate Body as well.

How do I access the training sessions?

Some of your training sessions will be held in person, and the details of these, including location, time and date, will be sent to you by us, Tees Valley Teaching School Hub, or the person running the training (Facilitator).

Some of the sessions are held online via Microsoft Teams. Please ensure you access these sessions using a device with a functioning microphone and camera, either using your own device or a device supplied by your institution / school.

The schedule for the training sessions is available via our website, but may be subject to minor changes.

I’m having a technical issue during an online session. What should I do?

try restarting your device to see if that resolves the issue, or signing out of Microsoft Teams and back in again. If that doesn’t work please email ecf@teesvalleytsh.co.uk. Someone will be on hand to help sign you into the online session.

My Mentor and/or Induction Tutor has changed. What should I do?

Your school will need to login into the DfE Portal and update your Mentor and / or Induction Tutor details. You will also need to contact your Appropriate Body and inform them of the changes, supplying them with the new Mentor or Induction Tutors name and email address.

An ECT is leaving our school part way through their 2-year induction. What do I need to do?

The school needs to contact their Appropriate Body and inform them as soon as they are aware that the ECT is leaving. This is to prevent any delays in the ECT continuing their induction at another school as the new school will need to ‘claim’ the ECT.

A school has a new ECT starting and the ECT has already done some ECF training with another provider. What should the school do?

Contact the Tees Valley Teaching School Hub via ecf@teesvalleytsh.co.uk, explaining the circumstances as best as you can, so that we can provider tailored support to ensure the ECF can continue their training as seamlessly as possible.