Early Career Framework

Early Career Framework

New teachers just starting in the profession, called Early Career Teachers (ECT), have a statutory entitlement to a two-year programme of support and development based on the Early Career Framework (ECF). This Framework aims to give teachers a strong foundation from which they can build a successful career path on.

Here at the Tees Valley Teaching School Hub, we use UCL as our Early Career Framework Partner.


Benefits of the UCL ECF Programme 

The UCL ECF programme is a fusion of university and school-based expertise working in partnership to create and implement a programme which is:

  • Regional: As a local delivery partner, Tees Valley Teaching School Hub has listened carefully to feedback from Headteachers, mentors and ECTs and is using this information to meet the varied needs to better fit school contexts with our schools.
  • Flexible: Tees Valley Teaching School Hub is working in partnership with UCL flexibly and responsively to design and deliver a programme that recognises the strengths and training needs of ECTs and to support mentors.
  • Knowledge and evidence-based: Informed by a deep understanding of the development needs of ECTs and Mentors.
  • Drawn from expert theory and current practice: Co-designed by teachers and school leaders, teacher educators and academics with rich experience of translating evidence into practice.
  • Inquiry-based spiral learning: The understanding of key themes is established in Year 1, which then extended and deepened through three practice-based inquiries in Year 2.
  • Embedded in practice: The applied learning complements practice rather than being a ‘bolt on’ that would add to workload.
  • Structured to be mindful of teacher workload: We appreciate teachers are busy, and this programme has been designed to be effective and not waste your time.

Costs and Funding

There are no costs associated with the Early Career Framework, however there are costs for registering with an Appropriate Body.

If you are using another Appropriate Body other then ourselves you will need to contact them to find their costs. If you use us for Appropriate Body services, our costs are available via https://www.teesvalleytsh.co.uk/appropriate-body.

All state-funded schools offering statutory induction will receive additional funding to allow an ECT to participate in the ECF Programme. Each ECF will receive 10% off timetable in year 1, and 5% off timetable in Year 2. It is intended that the Mentors time will correspond with the ECT’s time off timetable.

Registering for the Early Career Framework with the Tees Valley Teaching School Hub

To register on our ECF programme you need to do the following (don’t worry, we have provided the links to make it easy):

  1. Register the Early Career Teacher on the DfE Portal via this link.
Gov UK

You must let them know:

  • Which ECF route you are using (Funded Provider-Led Programme, using the DfE Accredited Induction Materials, or Designing your own Programme).
  • If you have chosen Funded Provider-Led Programme, which lead provider you are going with. Tees Valley Teaching School Hub is working with University College London (UCL).
  • Who your ECF induction tutor is in school (this is whoever will be overseeing the ECT’s induction, make judgments against teaching standards and complete the necessary progress reviews and assessment forms and completing the paperwork. All emails to the school about the ECF from the DfE will come to the address you provide here).
  • Who the ECT is.
  • Who the mentor is.
  • You will need to provide full information, including TRNs. This is to ensure that you receive the right funding. Please take care to input the correct information in order to get the ECT smoothly onto the programme. It is vital you link the Mentor and ECT on the portal.

2. Register with an Appropriate Body. To register with Tees Valley Teaching School Hub for our Appropriate Body services visit our online portal known as ECT Manager.

ECT Manager

Optional, if your School has never Registered with UCL Programme Before

3. If your school has never used the UCL Programme, you will need to register them via this link, ensuring you select Tees Valley Teaching School Hub in the Partners section.

And that’s it! You are now successfully registered on the ECF Programme. We will be in contact soon to confirm the information you have provided.

Don’t Forget Your Appropriate Body

An essential part of the Early Career Framework is to be registered with an Appropriate Body. It is the Appropriate Body’s role to monitor and check on the progression of an ECT in their 2-year induction period.

You cannot retrospectively register an ECT with an Appropriate Body. It is therefore imperative that you register with an Appropriate Body at the same time you register the ECT for the 2-year induction.

Tees Valley Teaching School can provide Appropriate Body services as well as the ECF Programme. We have an established presence in the Tees Valley as an Appropriate Body thanks to our individual knowledge and expertise. You can find out more about our Appropriate Body service by visiting https://www.teesvalleytsh.co.uk/appropriate-body

Need Help, Support, or have Questions?

Visit our FAQs for answers to common questions. If you Get in contact with us via ecf@teesvalleytsh.co.uk, and we’ll try our best to answer any questions you may have.


“The training that I have received over the two years of my ECF has been excellent, UCL, Tees Valley TSH and Carmel College have supported and guided me every step of the way and the training I received has reinforced my experiences in ITT helping me to grow in confidence and ability as a teacher.”

ECF Participant, Year 2 (2022 – 2023)