UCL Extend


UCL Extend can be accessed using the following link


Troubleshooting Access to UCL Extend

If you are struggling to gain access to UCL, the following check list may assist to ensure that all procedures have been completed, enabling your UCL log in to be generated and distributed to ECTs and Mentors.

  1. Head Teachers/ Induction Tutors must ensure that ECTs and mentors have been registered on the DFE Portal, which can be accessed using the following link: https://manage-training-for-early-career-teachers.education.gov.uk/.
  2. Head Teachers / Induction Tutors must register interest in using the UCL programme using one of the following two links: https://www.netsp.co.uk/ecf/, Or https://www.netsp.co.uk/ecf/register/
  3. Head Teachers / Induction Tutors should then respond to the email to confirm interest. Please check your emails for this automated email. You must respond to it.
  4. From here, a UCL Log in is generated and ought to be with the ECT(s) and Mentor(s) via the email address they submitted within a few days. If you do not receive it within 4 working days, and all of the above processes have been completed, please email ecfne@newcastle.ac.uk, explaining you are still waiting for your UCL login details.

Please ensure that email addresses are carefully inputted at each stage to ensure correspondences arrive at the right inbox.