What is the Early Career Framework?

The Early Career Framework (ECF) will create a change in support for Early Career Teachers (ECT), providing a funded entitlement to a structured 2-year package of high-quality professional development. The reforms are part of the government’s teacher recruitment and retention strategy, which aims to improve the training and development opportunities available to teachers.

The Early Career Framework is the evidence base which underpins this new entitlement for Early Career Teachers’ professional development. It sets out what all Early Career Teachers should learn about, and learn how to do, during the first 2 years of their careers.

What do Schools Need to do Next?

Before September 2021, schools should:

  • Read the updated statutory guidance
  • Choose a delivery approach in order to meet the new requirements
  • Set up their programme through DfE’s online service if they want to use an approved funded provider, or deliver the accredited materials themselves

What to expect

The changes will include:

  • Extending induction to two years
  • An entitlement for ECT to a two-year package of professional development based on the ECF, as well as support from a mentor
  • Funding in the second year so schools can support ECTs to spend time away from the classroom for extra professional development and mentoring

New teachers will continue to be assessed against the Teachers’ Standards. Following a programme based on the ECF should make it easier for teachers to demonstrate they have met those standards at the end of induction.

How to prepare for these changes

There are 3 approaches to enable the delivery of an ECF-based induction. Schools can choose:

It is up to school leaders to choose the approach that best suits the needs of their ECTs and mentors.

We have put together a short PowerPoint / Video to explain the various ECT pathways, as well as how we operate as an Appropriate Body. This video is available below. Each slide is shown for 10 seconds, so if you need more time to read the content please pause the video.