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Archimedes NE Maths Hubs are Recruiting

Archimedes NE Maths Hub are still recruiting for a range of professional development projects that run for a large part of the school year, and there’s something for teachers with all levels of experience. 


To learn more about all 30 national CPD projects available from the Maths Hubs Network.  Below is the list of projects we are recruiting for this year.

If you want to be part of one or more of our Work Groups then please complete our Expression of Interest Form and we will update you as soon as the dates and times are finalised.

NCP21-15Secondary Subject Leadership Work GroupsWebpage
NCP21-16Secondary Maths MAT Leads: leading and developing mathematics teachingWebpage
NCP21-17Mathematical Thinking for GCSE Work GroupsWebpage
NCP21-18Years 7-11 Coherence Work GroupsWebpage
NCP21-19Years 5-8 Continuity Work GroupsWebpage
NCP21-23Developing A Level Pedagogy Work GroupsWebpage
NCP21-24Strengthening Partnerships with ITT Providers Work GroupsWebpage
NCP21-25Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics (Early Years Teachers Programme)Webpage
NCP21-26Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics (Primary Teachers Programme)Webpage
NCP21-27Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics (Primary Teaching Assistants Programme)Webpage
NCP21-28Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics (Primary Early Career Teachers Programme)Webpage
NCP21-29Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics (Secondary Early Career Teachers Programme)Webpage
NCP21-30Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics (Secondary Non-specialist Teachers Communities)Webpage

The application window for the suite of NPQs is still open, the closing date is the 17th October.  You may have staff who are suitable for one of the NPQs listed below:-

  • National Professional Qualification of Executive Headship
  • National Professional Qualification for Headship
  • National Qualification of Senior Leader
  • National Professional Qualification of Leading Teacher Development
  • National Professional Qualification of Leading Teaching
  • National Professional Qualification of Leading Behaviour and Culture

Additional information regarding the programmes and application forms can be found via this link NPQs | NETSP | Newcastle University

Some schools are eligible for funding if they meet the DfE criteria. The cost of each course varies depending on the NPQ programme.  Having said that NPQ in Leading Teacher Development is free if teachers meet the following criteria:

  •  have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading the development of other teachers in their school
  • work in a state-funded school in England 

For more information contact: Monita Atkinson, Programmes Lead – Tees Valley Teaching School Hub, 01429 273273 Option 4    

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